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Hawkeye #10 variant by Paolo Rivera
Invincible Iron Man vol. 4 #8 by Adi Granov
Iron Man: The End by Sean Chen
Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates #11 by Kaare Andrews

Tony Stark: Engineer

*climbs up on rooftop*



My piece for the Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and sailor senshi tribute show at QPop in Little Tokyo (opening on April 5th.)

Watercolor, sumi ink, gold ink, gouache.



no but can we actually talk about how much steve would love star trek

oh my god I want the fic where Steve powers through Star Trek and keeps telling everyone he knows about this show like “have you seen this it’s about humanity reaching out and how we can’t move forward until we make peace amongst ourselves and stop obsessing over inconsequential differences and instead learn to value the things that make us the same it’s amazing will you watch it withe me” it’s like a show made SPECIFICALLY FOR STEVE ROGERS



Nah, humans are more like



One son who wanted the throne too much. Another who will not take it.”